Recently, Mr. John Barrett, ISSA Executive Director was invited by the organizing committee and attended the China Clean Forum on November 18, 2015. As a keynote speaker, Mr. John Barrett made a speech on “True Value of Clean”.


In Mr. Barrett’s speech, he introduced the ISSA (The worldwide Cleaning Industry Association) in details, and believes that many negative cost and sacrifice would have to be made if there is no cleaning. On the contrary, if companies and organizations pay sufficient attention to cleaning, quality management, they will get much higher percentage of financial return on investment. He also introduced the CIMS of ISSA, which is Cleaning Industry Management System, in the United States the enterprises who had achieved CIMS certification, normally get an annual turnover increase of 3%. Mr. John’s speech got unanimous high evaluation from the participants and after the speech, quite a few of photos were taken for Mr. Barrett with the participants.


On November 19, 2015, Mr. John Barrett, was invited by Mr. Feng Yajun, the President of BCA (Beijing Cleaning Service Association) to visit BCA office in Beijing, accompanied by the Chinese representative of ISSA, Mr. David Han.


During the meeting, the two leaders of respective associations have discussed in depth about standardized construction, standard and certification, as well as other various aspects. When talking about the current cooperation with BCA, Mr. Barrett expressed the eagerness and wish for a further understanding of the cleaning industry in China, the cleaning service enterprises in China, so that ISSA would be able to help and support further the cleaning industry development in China .